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Both have built-in Wifi and Bluetooth and both have HDMI out capabilities. Which settings are used in the video? If you give me 25 minutes I will teach you everything you need to know to get your Retroid Pocket 3 Plus setup and playing all of your favorite games. Just got my RP3+ and tried Ocarina of Time 3D and it in no way runs perfectly. Runs at 100% speed most of the time has a few small dips so far. Shovel Knight Dig. Use code “RGCRP3PLUS” for $5 off the purchase of a Retroid Pocket 3+ (limited to 500 units): https://bit Nobody's responded to this post yet. Add your thoughts and get the conversation going. In this video, I'm testing out PS2 gameplay on the Retroid Pocket 3+. I wanted to get Persona 3 FES on this bad boy. • 1 yr. Shovel Knight Shovel of Hope. Non updated, 1. Apr 30, 2024 · Overall, it’s a hard handheld to hate, GoRetroid have done an incredible job here. 7 inch, 750x1334@60fps, 450nits 7. I've looked around a bit, but what is the best, most thorough guide to setting up an RP3+? I just got one, and I've figured out most of the emulators, but the Gamecube one doesn't accept any button presses, and the Saturn one accepts button presses but not any directional input like the d-pad or stick. PAL PS2 games run at 50fps - 10fps slower than NTSC. Dec 26, 2021 · #retroidpocket2+ #aetherSX2Retroid Pocket 2+ can play many ps2 games and today I'm gonna show you some of those woking on the console retroid pocket 2 plus. 17 seconds. Thanks for this video and tip !! Definitely worth checking out more. this document aims to be a full guide to configure the retroid pocket 3+. I couldn't get it running smooth with full hacks and underclocking. Based on a slightly less powerful version of the chip used in the RP3+ and RG405M, the RP2S can emulate some PS2 games. I also have settings I use in my wiki. Some BIOS for RetroArch need to be in folders. RetroArch BIOS need to be place in the RetroArch\system folder. TLDR. It delivers better performance, a larger screen, and a second full thumbstick for only $149. In this video I'll s I think I went to do this video a few times and and scrapped it for one reason or another but it ended up being alright because I was able to show something Feb 1, 2024 · The latest in Retroid’s (full-sized) Android-based emulation handheld lineup is the Retroid Pocket 3+ ( available at Amazon ) , and it fixes everything we disliked about the Pocket 2+. Ive been deep diving into each emulator to learn how to get the most out of each game, but aether sx2 is giving me some trouble. Run by Retroid fans & the Retro Handhelds community. Setting up RetroArch; 6. Retroid Pocket 3+ : God of war (AetherSX2 Emulater~PS2) : r/retroid. But it would also have a performance impact I’ve heard. Setting up your Retroid Pocket 3 Plus & Flip; 4. Some BIOS are optional. In fact, it's kind of crazy considering the leaps and bounds that We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It's one of the only games I need the Odin for but if I can get it to run on the rp2+ I might cancel my order. Libretro = RetroArch. I got a slideshow when going 3x res on Jumping Flash 2. Jan 4, 2023 · #retroidpocket3plus #retrogaming #aethersx2 Retroid Pocket 3 plus - PS2 Performance testing (Long Play) Hello world, how are you doing?In today’s video we wi Advantages of Retroid Pocket 4 Pro. In this guide, I will show you how to get started with RP2S PS2 emulation and give you some tips and tricks on maximizing your Sep 28, 2023 · The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Saga. 0GHz + 6*A55@2. Kinda surprised lol. I can get it to run at almost full speed, but it is still a little choppy, but playable. I finally got my hands on the Retroid Pocket 3+! I really enjoys delving into the emulators on these devices and getting games running as best as possible, a Probamos la emulación de Ps2 en nuestra Retroid Pocket 3 plus con el reconocido emulador Aether Sx2. This g What's in the box 1*Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Console 1*Charging Cable 1*User Manual Retroid Pocket 3+ Specifications & Features: 1. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. But most importantly I applied the performance patches that can I heard Russ say you couldn’t really run Dark Cloud (PS2) on the 3+ so I tried it on a non updated & an updated unit (using mjolnir stone settings on AetherSX2 v1. Buy Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Retro Game Handheld Console, Retroid Pocket 2+ Android Retro Game Console Multiple Emulators Console Handheld 3. This thing packs a punch. But then the game will get stuck We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Sep 12, 2023 · I've played over 120 hours of gameplay on the Retroid Pocket 3+ and I have a lot to say about it! Enjoy this in-depth review. * Single Board Computer (SBC) Gaming * Retro gaming on SBCs and handheld consoles. Touch screen: 4. Purchase the R I'll post in here if I find any more games that don't slow down. AetherSX2 is a powerful new PlayStation 2 emulator What's in the box 1*Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Console 1*Charging Cable 1*User Manual Retroid Pocket 3+ Specifications & Features: 1. This made the video white. unfortunately, it's a mess to set everything up and guides often contradict themselves depending on personal preferences. Hey everyone. T Edit 03/22/2022 - A bit late on this one, but RP2+ OTA update v1. Maybe if you can find a used one for cheap. And then rp4 will be announced. I haven’t personally tested this on the RP2’s PPSSPP. Not sure what happened to my brain there? lolmgs 3 Snake eater on the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus#retroidpocket # A bit late but yeah, it does run super smoothly if you do it right. Yes it won't run super crazy games on ps2 so I probably wouldn't get it if that's all you're focused on but for me I really wanted to mainly play psp then some GBA, ps2, NES, SNES, and some nintendo (ds and 3ds) games on the side and it's been marvelous. Shiren the Wanderer. It’s definitely had a facelift, but under the hood we’re not getting a big overhaul. It’s a well-put-together package that will appeal to any retro Another toggle I don't see brought up is Threaded Presentation, which gives a boost to Mali GPU's, which the Retroid Pocket 3+ has (Mjolnir brought this one up in a video and the performance boost is genuinely impressive). Retro gaming on Single Board Computers (SBCs) and handheld emulators. the emulator knows which controllers it has access to, but it doesn't know your intent; therefore, you have to configure each controller as you intend to use it. I was going to buy the 3 but held off because I didnt feel it was powerful enough for stuff I'd like to do. 44K subscribers in the retroid community. it would make setting up multiplayer extremely frustrating. The minor upgrades to the hardware is welcomed and PS2 emulation works well if you’re happy to a bit of tinkering, all for $199. Shantae and the Sevens Sirens. fortunately, most emulators make reasonably sane decisions when it comes to controllers. Apr 30, 2023 · The Retroid Pocket 3+ recently received an OTA update that improves its performance in high-level emulators for GameCube, Wii, and PS2. Just asking; has anyone gotten the PS2 game Xenosaga to run well? I know spreadsheets have it as unplayable but they're old I think. Nice! Have you found, or do you think that there will be many PS2 games this handheld won't be able to play? So far it looks very promising. GPU: Mali G52 MC2@850MHz 4. If you want to know how best to emulate Nintendo 64 on your Retroid Pocket 3+ consider this guide your first and last step. Anyone find settings to make XenoSaga (PS2) work. However, when it comes to higher end emulation like the Gamecube or PS2, the Retroid Pocket 3+ has a slight advantage with a recent firmware update. I also give a few initial impressions at various points in this video. Want to relive the classic playstation 2 games on your retroid pocket 2 and take the retro device to the next level in todays video. But this tip seems to work on NGC and PS2. OS There are several options for emulating the original PlayStation on Retroid Pocket 3, but in my opinion Duckstation is the best option because it allows you Dec 7, 2021 · The Retroid Pocket 2+ is a hardware refresh of the popular Retroid Pocket 2 handheld line, which significantly increases the power of the device. As long as you aren't planning for Yuzu Switch emulation, the Retroid Pocket 3S/4 should do most of what you ask. Setting up individual emulators; 9. I would watch Mjolnir Stone's Retroid Pocket 3+ Duckstation set up on YT it helped me loads I've not had any problems since. DRAM: 4GB LPDDR4x@1866MHz(3733Mbps) 5. The Retroid Pocket 3+ is here, and it's an impressive upgrade from their previous models. Changed the skip frame -3 (50%), 1 (moderate) and put resolution at 2x. For those like me that want that simplified, it’s basically more powerful than any other $99 handheld on the market. I was now wondering whether the EU version will works better by performance because of the lower frame rate "50fps"? Buy Retroid Pocket 2S from: https://shrsl. ly/3OT4DKdA Feb 22, 2024 · 2. 5” touch screen display with a resolution of 640 x 480, 4000mah of battery, WiFi, Bluetooth and Android 9. ElectricalGuest8351. Imagine purchasing the original RP3, only to discover that a superior model was on the horizon, available for just a Retroid Pocket 3+ Specifications & Features: Processor: Unisoc Tiger T618 CPU: 2*A75@2. My favorite ones i have installed that run flawlessly (some with setting tweaks) are: Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy XII - International Zodiac Gradius V Resident Evil 4 (lags in widescreen, but runs perfect in 4:3) Sep 16, 2023 · Some PS2 Games Run Poorly. Feb 23, 2023 · Let's take a look at how well God of War (PS2) runs on the Retroid Pocket 3+ / Retroid Pocket 3 Plus! I played this game via AetherSX2 and used the PAL versi . 5 Inch Display 4000mAh Battery Classic Games Retro Gaming (Black): Plug & Play Video Games - Amazon. This is very helpful and freed up. At launch it could already play a lot of Dreamcast and GameCube games at full speed. I was hoping to get it as FPS stable as possible, but it has some noticeable dips (in the classroom and battles). OS I've looked at a couple of youtube videos testing ps2 emulation but they always seem extremely surface level. I. Quick side note, the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus is an updated version of the original Retroid Pocket 3, and its swift release, just two months later, stirred up controversy among retro gaming fans. Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Ultimate Edition. Setting up key mapping on The Retroid Pocket 2 + can handle some ps2 games!! This is really cool and all, but it's a bit concerning that Taki has only shown PAL footage on the RP2. It's one of my all time favorite games from the PS2 days. Sonic Mania. And now idk how to reverse this. On the 3+, you need to tweak to play some PS2 or newer games at reasonable speed. cfm? rp3+ will be able to play more games, probably more than half. Safe to say th Rogue Legacy 2. That made sure it was already an attractive device at $99 USD. ee/monospacecompatibilityWhere to buy the Retroid Pocket 3+ : It took a while to get to the Wii but here we have 25 Wii games running pretty decently on Dolphin MMJR, and a poorly thought out WiiWare section at the end Dec 11, 2022 · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright Oct 25, 2022 · Here comes the Retroid Pocket 3, an eagerly awaited follow-up to the oft-recommended Retroid Pocket 2+. Thre's no information in the description about optimization and would like to know what they did. Or buy an odin now since they're the same internally. Audio is bad. 1 Touch screen: 4. The PlayStation 3 Subreddit (PS3, PlayStation3, Sony PlayStation 3). All are welcome in /r/PS3. Otherwise, it's definitely worth it to just spend an extra $25 on the RP4. If you were satisfied with the 3’s performance enough to buy one, I don’t think you’re the type to be dying for that boost in performance—Dreamcast and PSP still run great on the 3, and the GC/PS2 performance on the 3+ isn’t quite there yet by the Oct 8, 2022 · In this video, I give a tutorial on how to set up the Retroid Pocket 3. Retroid Pocket 3+ God of War PS2 Gameplay. Just got my RP3+ in the mail! I immediately jumped into some Playstation but noticed some frame dips at 3x resolution. Dec 13, 2023 · The Retroid Pocket 2+ is rocking a Unisoc Quad-Core CPU, a GE380 GPU, 2GB RAM, a 3. We get pretty heavy into Wii and it somehow turned into a near 40 minute video, but it sho retroid pocket 3+ setup. A home for fans of Retroid Pocket handheld gaming emulation devices. Yes PAL games run at a slightly higher resolution. Shovel Knight King of Cards. Similar to the previous model, the Retroid Pocket 3, this handheld also has a metal frame shell that feels high quality and is extremely durable. So is the PAL vs Us iso things still going to matter much? Turns out all my GC roms are US /cry. I'm sure there's other guides available for this chipset. 0GHz 3. here, i lay out mine so i can always reproduce my setup. First video on the Retroid Pocket 3! Opted for the 3 GB RAM. Well, almost no overhaul actually. Maybe GonStar should head over to the Official Retroid Pocket Discord Server and chat to RetroDavid and see if this fix can be implemented some way into the next RP3 Feb 5, 2023 · Let's take a look at how well Silent Hill 2 (PS2) runs on the Retroid Pocket 3+ / Retroid Pocket 3 Plus! I played this game via AetherSX2 and used the PAL ve Im curious what the favorite PS2 games are on the RP3+. Storage: 128GB eMMC 5. I prefer it because of its wealth of optio We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Nov 27, 2022 · The Retroid Pocket 3+ is the latest device from Retroid, but is the improved PS2 emulation any good? Buy RP3+ (affiliate link) :https://shareasale. Just wanted to let everyone know this guide will help you get PS2 games running quite well. 5x de resolução de forma portátil, o Retroid P RP3+ PS2 Bully – Help with settings. This took forever. 9. More !! Retroid Pocket 3+ : God of war (AetherSX2 Emulater~PS2) This just stresses me out lmao having a rp2+ and 3 already. in the initial setup wizard: pick english; connect to Jun 27, 2023 · There's a new metal version of the Retroid Pocket 3+, in this video we'll take a look and see if it's worth the upgrade. 8 is available. Runs on the latest version of Android. The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus is a handheld retro gaming system that offers affordable power all with a comfortable sleek design that’s perfect for playing games. The Pocket 4 Pro can do all that without any tweaking and at higher resolutions. 5mm Audio Jack + USB TypeC S Right on! Thanks for the video tutorial. It’s one of GoRetroid’s best handhelds yet… however I have noticed that I am wanting a larger screen when playing these As a customer, if the performance was a concern for the 3 then this will seal the deal. In this video I’ll show you how to do the update and compare the before/after performance results. Checking your Retroid Pocket 3 Plus & Flip; 3. From hardcore gamers, to, Nintendo fans, Xbox gamers, PS5 converts, and everything in between. initial setup. com/4b4zaTimecodes:00:00 Intro00:12 Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas00:26 Grand Theft Auto - Vice City00:42 Grand The PlayStation 2 Portátil com Retroid Pocket 3+ é BOM! Com suporte a RetroAchievements, é possível rodar PS2 em 1. com/r. This doesn't take into account if the emulator works on the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus. Nice. Adding games to your micro SD card; 5. 55K subscribers in the SBCGaming community. Textures are buggy. 4-3060 on both). Aug 26, 2023 · This guide will cover how to setup and play PS2 on your Retroid Pocket 3+ all files are located below if you have any questions I will try to answer! more. I've been through so many community forum posts, videos, compatibility Mar 22, 2023 · The Retroid Pocket 3+ is a nice way to enter this market that can have wildly varying prices and quality. around 200MB of RAM for me! I chose not to close foreground process on Standby, as that closes what's running if you put the system to sleep. Sega Ages Phantasy Star. I show you how to side l What's in the box 1*Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Console 1*Charging Cable 1*User Manual Retroid Pocket 3+ Specifications & Features: 1. Thanks to all of your game sugges Retroid Pocket 3+(プラス) 動作検証1回目 PS2編 軽めのソフトから動かす. Un extra muy a tener en cuenta en esta consola, ya que p Oct 16, 2023 · By 16 October 2023. Jan 22, 2022 · Here is part two of my Retroid Pocket 2+ starter guide, which will focus on setting up your device for PS1, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, PSP, Nintendo DS, GameCub I've gotten my retroid pocket 3+ a week ago and honestly I couldn't be happier with it. Both handhelds have a 4:3 aspect ratio, 640×480 resolution 3. I finished all the races, and only have a couple of Takedown signature & Crash zone left to 100% it. Jan 1, 2023 · Here's a handy PS2 Compatibility List for the Retroid Pocket 3+ and the AYN Odin Pro, with AetherSX2 settings that I've personally tested! You can check FruitLoops community sheet here for PS2 settings. It started shipping a little over a month ago on September 20th, and admittedly there was some skepticism going around. e. 0. 1. These are minor upgrades from the previously Retroid Pocket 2 but they are going to make a huge difference. Now I gotta get another sd card and go through the process again a third time. rp3s will be able to play even more games with less tweaking/effort but next year. Framerate at 30 but its unplayable if sound and textures aren't right. Feb 13, 2023 · Meant to say RP3 not ebay at around 0. imagine the chaos if it immediately made any new controller player 1. I've gotten games like Suikoden 5 and Silent Hill 2 Welcome to r/Retroid. Setting up and using the Retroid Launcher; 7. Forget about the Pocket 3+. 0GHz GPU: Mali G52 MC2@850MHz DRAM: 4GB LPDDR4x@1866MHz(3733Mbps) Storage: 128GB eMMC 5. ago. 5″ screen. It will handle PS2, Wii, and GameCube a lot better than the 3+ did. I just picked up the Retroid pocket 3plus the other day. 1 6. The first impression the device gives off comes from its premium look, as the shell and This Retroid Pocket 3+ PlayStation 2 Showcase has quite a few heavy hitters. The Retroid Pocket 2S is a surprisingly capable mid-range emulation handheld. 88K subscribers in the SBCGaming community. Emulator used : Aether SX2Monospace's Compatibility list : https://linktr. Seems to do just a bit better than the Retroid Pocket 2+, but doesn't seem its performance is wo Aug 4, 2022 · Other changes include an upgrade to the RAM if you choose the pricier option (from 2GB to 3GB), Android 11 replaces Android 8, and visually, resolution is bumped from 480p to 720p. Not all of them run well, but I think you will be happily surprised by the numbe Jul 25, 2023 · RG405M versus Retroid Pocket 3+ The RG405M has the same internals as the Retroid Pocket 3+ so, in terms of performance out of the box, you might expect it to be the same between the two devices. UPDATE after I got my RP3: No, it cannot play PS2 games, just run them "technically". OS Hi after reading the posts of the retroid pocket 3 plus I am definitely planning to buy one. The 3DS version is much better, don't expect greatness though. Anything highlighted in the Format field is supported by the Retroid Launcher. #retroidpocket3plus #RG353V #RG353M 関連購入は下記よりhttps://www We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Using the Retroid Overlay. I’m on RP2 plus btw. You can open a game and change the undercloking options one at a time to see what works best for that game. CPU: 2*A75@2. Twice as powerful as the Retroid Pocket 3+. No this doesn't make up for the difference in framerate. Jul 7, 2023 · Retroid Pocket 3+ 入門1回目出来るだけ最小手順でPS2を動かす!#retroidpocket3plus #powkiddy #banggood #alldocubeRetroid pocket 3+のメタルエディションの購入は下記 Whatever chip the device uses will be significantly weaker than the Odin 2's SD 8 gen 2, but that doesn't mean it won't be capable. Buy one here: https://bit. I used the default settings from Mjonir. Not every game plays great, but the ones that do play surprisingly well. for example Jan 5, 2023 · Let's take a look at how well Tekken 4 (PS2) runs on the Retroid Pocket 3+ / Retroid Pocket 3 Plus! I played this game via AetherSX2 and used the PAL version Sep 16, 2022 · Guida completa alla configurazione del nuovo Retroid Launcher e di tutti gli emulatori al suo interno: RetroArch, PlayStation, GameCube, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Jan 22, 2023 · Let's take a look at how well Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) runs on the Retroid Pocket 3+ / Retroid Pocket 3 Plus! I played this game via AetherSX2 and used the PAL v Jan 5, 2023 · Had a lot of requests about mapping controls for Gamecube and Wii. 7 inch, 750x1334@60fps, 450nits OS: Android 11 Interface: 720p Micro HDMI + 3. Processor: Unisoc Tiger T618 2. Check out Taki's Youtube channel for a video that breaks down all the changes. Welcome to r/Retroid. Some games work better with more underclock than others, so it's trial and error. Setting up and using AOSP Launcher; 8. Using pal ROM, no underclocking set. I'm trying to get Bully running smoothly. Add a Comment. Sep 14, 2023 · The Retroid Pocket 2S is an Android based horizontal form factor retro handheld device with stacked shoulder buttons and based on the Unisoc 610 chip. In addition to walking you through all There are many options for emulating PlayStation on the Retroid Pocket 3+ but for me, the best one is Duckstation. Every game I try, even the most basic 3D games are moving in slow motion, and no amounts of fiddling with the AetherSX2 emulator appear to fix it. The unisoc t618 processor (like the powkiddy x18s has) could also play some gamecube games at 60fps, but certainly not all. How to connect your PS5 control May 1, 2023 · The Retroid Pocket 3+ recently received an OTA update that improves its performance in high-level emulators for GameCube, Wii, and PS2. Just get the Pocket 4 Pro. Typically I start on fast default settings then configure settings individually from there. 5x resolution chugs at around 60-70% speed just running around the empty first area. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Maybe, I've been seeing the t618 devices go way down in price (not the the actual rp3+ tbh) but the closer to $100 you can get the better cause the regular 4 is also quite a bit stronger I think. Setting EE Cycle skip to 1, and EE Cycle rate to 130% with threaded presentation on is going to make games that may This guide is meant to function as an introduction to AetherSX2 for PlayStation 2 emulation on the Retroid Pocket 3+. The extra RAM is important here. 18. nk ax pr cp uq xn ic ql lv gm