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Install Temperature: 25° - 100°F. Chicago, IL 60618. To consult with our sheet metal department about your project, please call us at 773-509-0400. , 3'x10' sheet, is . It also provides free classes, contractor referrals, and supports local non-profits. inches NFVA per foot, S-400 provides superior intake ventilation for any detail - from zero overhang to open rafter tails. NovaFlex Metal Roof Sealant is a non-corrosive, single-component, oxime-cured, silicone sealant and/or adhesive. Galvanization provides corrosion protection, durability under harsh conditions, a long lifespan, versatility, availability, and sustainability. From the subfloor brand builders trust for the best quiet floors, comes AdvanTech subfloor adhesive for subfloor assemblies so strong, you won't hear a squeak. That’s why they're fully ANSI SPRI ES1 Certified and have an entire custom sheet metal shop in-house to attend to all of your needs! Lakefront Sheet Metal, offers a variety of stocked downspouts, flashing, and accessory products. Buy 8 for $344. is a flashing grade single component moisture-cure polyurethane roof sealant. *This is a special order product- subject to return restrictions. 20. TimberTech CTX300SFMH Cortex Screws For AZEK Mahogany 300 sq ft These Roof to Wall flashings are made for 2:12, 3:12, and 4:12 pitch roofs. As low as $8. per roll Obdyke's wall system Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply understands how important it is to pay attention to the details. In Stock. Galvanized sheet G-90, 4’ x 10’, 20 ga, 24 ga. ERsystems H. MasterSeal NP1 sealant requires no mixing, and typically you'll need no priming to bond many materials, concrete and masonry included. One of the Lakefront Roofing & Siding Supply Wholesale Building Materials Chicago, Illinois 171 followers Serving the Chicagoland area for over 35 years. We would love to meet your roofing and siding supply needs! Thank you for your patience! At Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply, we understand how important it is to treat roofing businesses of all sizes. RAINDROP DS34 Downspout Clean Out 15"-3x4 White. Installation Prior to Hangfast, many of the hidden hangers were a two piece design which incorporated some type of screw. Lakefront Sheet Metal Gutter Apron 3" Face GalvanizedA gutter apron tucks under the shingles of a roof and over the seam that connects the gutter to the roof. 57. Chicago, IL 60618 . VELUX ZTB 014 4009US Sun Tunnel Diffuser Natural 14". tim@lakefrontsupply. We offer everything from residential and commercial roofing materials to siding and insulation to sheet metal and lumber. Find a Contractor. Tamlyn OCIW Siding Accessories Siding Corner 5/16" Primed EA 100ct. Reduce labor. Each year we have over 100 people join Lakefront University and it has proven to be a great success and continue to IN-STOCK RAW SHEET METAL. The new Fiberon Phantom Universal Hidden Fastener (900 ct bucket covers 500 sq feet) installs easily and helps minimize lateral board movement. Website. The quick-release mounting brackets offer easy mounting and removal of the miter saw from Triangular shaped OMG PipeGuard is designed to weather the elements while securely holding rooftop pipes, tubes and conduit at heights between 1. 1" x 1 1/2" x 4' cross section gives you maximum soffit/eave ventilation in a minimum space. Plus complete line of straps, end caps, miters, hangers etc. MAIN HEADQUARTERS (773) 509-0400; 3465 N Kimball Ave. 0216" thick. " Vesta Steel Siding Plank HD3 Woodgrain 5"x8' 15/cartonDesigned to echo the veins and tones of natural wood, six unique and intricate hand-drawn panels make up every Vesta Steel Siding woodgrain color. This provides an extra barrier to divert water away. Raft-A-Vent will virtually disappear under the eave and is designed to run continuously in every rafter bay to provide the superior intake ventilation you need Benjamin Obdyke HydroGap 5'x100' HydroGap Drainable Housewrapallows construction professionals to build better by effectively eliminating excess moisture, preventing the damaging effects of mold and rot. Add to Compare. There’s no degree involved, but every winter we offer free classes to learn new on-the-job skills as well as how to run the best business possible like understanding insurance options. OFFICE ADDRESS. Stronger: StarWrap Superior is 27 times stronger than 15# felt, and 5X lighter than 15# felt. 024 Deluxe aluminum trim coil is a heavier gauge when more Lakefront Sheet Metal Galvanized 16ga Sheet 4'x10'. Works well for cleaning an entire deck or for spot treatment on stubborn spills and stains, as well as against mold and mildew growth. You only get a new roof or siding once, maybe twice, in a lifetime, so how can you be sure you’re choosing the right person for the job? We carry a range of miscellaneous roofing accessories. Lakefront Supply offers reliable and affordable commercial roof replacement in Chicago services focused on quality and customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost. per sausage. Most colors in stock aluminum and 16oz copper. COMPLEMENTARY COLORSUnlike cut-up 3-tab strip Lakefront Sheet Metal Copper 16oz Sheet 3'x10' Copper is popularly used in roofing applications because it's highly malleable and can be easily formed around chimneys and edges. Shipping and return policy. Moisture surveys on a 3-year cycle at $. 78 each and save 8%. with filter flap) Thickness: 1/4 in. Find a Contractor GAF Timberline HDZ Lifetime Shingles 33. Our expert commercial roofer partners are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment to determine roof performance and recommend the need for a replacement. Lakefront Roofing, Siding, and Custom Sheet Metal Supply - Chicago's One-Stop Shop for Contractors for over 35 years Lakefront Roofing & Siding Supply - Chicago's One-Stop Shop for Contractors The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. GAF Pro-Start 1126000 Starter Strip Shingles 120 linear ft BlackFeatures and Benefits: COST EFFECTIVE - Economical alternative to using cut-up 3-tab strip shingles as your starter course HIGH QUALITY - Tightly locks your shingles in place to help prevent shingle blow-off LESS WASTE - Reduces waste created by cutting up 3-tab shingles Resisto 00822 Ice Water Eave Protector LB1236 195sqft Roll. Lakefront Sheet Metal Round Drop Outlet. This ideal kit includes 6 cans of AdvanTech subfloor adhesive, 1 can of cleaner, and 1 PTFE non-stick professional foam applicator. The included auxiliary mounting brackets make it fully universal and eliminate the need of creating an additional mounting surface. Lucas 6600 Universal; NPC 900 Solar Seal 10oz; NPC 900 Solar Seal 19oz; NPC 700 Co Poly; OSI Quad In-Stock; OSI Quad Custom The custom-pitched hanger is made of TPO or PVC clad steel and is attached to the roof edge. No fabric reinforcement required. Rooftop accessories - designed to enhance the performance of your roofing system (pipe boot flashing, vents, Versa caps, storm collars) Shingles Aluminum Trim Coil is designed for residential and light commercial applications. Copper, 3’ x 10’, 16 oz, stocked at both Eternabond EternaPrime Surface Conditioner and Adhesive Enhancer is an adhesive and surface conditioner intended to aid the adhesion of EternaBond MicroSealant tapes, or other non- MicroSealant tapes such as butyl tapes and other self-adhesive seaming tapes. The gutter is supported with heavy-gauge snap-on hangers (included). 40. 5″ Half-Round, 10′ (longer lengths by special order) 5” & 6” K-gutter available as job-site rolloff only. We roll-form custom lengths to your Who is Lakefront. Lakefront Roofing & Siding Supply provides a selection of roofs, decks, shingles and vinyl siding. Transforms a roof with seams, gaps, and overlaps into a foundation ready for coating with GacoFlex Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Coating. The zinc-plated finish provides rust resistance and a clean, bright look. Has the potential for more than $215,000 in savings over a 20-year lifecycle when compared to a roof without a maintenance plan that needs complete replacement after a 10-year lifecycle. Lakefront Supply also handle both commercial and residential jobs. Hardie Siding Trim Coil (all colors) and Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply . (773) 509-0400; 2950 N. Vesta Steel Siding Full Vent Plank Soffit HD3 Woodgrain Dark Espresso 5"x8' 15/carton. At about 1:20 or so into this video, HydroFlash LA is used as part of a housewrap GAF DensDeck Prime Roof Board 1/4"x4'x4' 1ctFeatures and Benefits:Tested - DensDeck Roof Boards are FM tested and approved as the only 1/2" gypsum product to meet the calorimeter requirements for conventionally insulated decks. Pair Vesta woodgrains with solid colors to naturally accentuate a range of Lakefront Roofing Supply is an ANSI-SPRI ES1-Certified, custom sheet-metal shop offering cornice work and all types of roofing, siding, and custom sheet metal designs. 25 each and save 10%. WIDTHS: 15. com. The ability to detach the rainscreen from the housewrap without compromising water holdout simplifies installation and allows installers to use preferred flashing methods. Directions Advertisement. Proponents of galvanized steel, who may use Benjamin Obdyke's Slicker HP (2SQ) features a pioneering detachable rainscreen and premium housewrap in a single application. EXPOSURE: 6". Vesta Steel Siding Full Vent Plank Soffit HD3 Woodgrain Aged Walnut 5"x8' 15/carton. Customer Lakefront Sheet Metal Gutter Apron 3" Face. 1/2" L x 1/4" W narrow crown corrosion resistant staples, equally spaced in one row, positioned no closer than 1/2" from trim edges using a pneumatic Lakefront Sheet Metal Seamless Aluminum Gutter K-Style 5" . We opened Lakefront University in 2008. Visit Website (847) 693-4300. Versatile - Excellent for low-slope roof areas (½:12 - 3:12) such as porches, garages, carports, or shedsConvenient Installation - No torches, open flames, hot asphalt, bulky equipment, or messy solvent-based adhesivesPopular Hail/Storm Roof Repair; Residential Roof Repair; Commercial Roof Repair; Commercial Roof Replacement; Commercial Roof Maintenance Benjamin Obdyke HydroCorner Sill Corner 5"x5" HydroCorner is Benjamin Obdyke's inexpensive option for protecting a window sill from moisture intrusion. James Hardie. We also The NICHIHA JEL 778 Ultimate Clip II 10MM is compatible with 16MM (5/8") panels. Trim coil can be field formed to provide low-maintenance coverings for exterior trim surfaces such as window and door casings, window sills, drip caps, fascias, porch posts, louvers, and flashings. Copper sheets find use in a huge array of applications. Fire Barrier - An excellent fire barrier, DensDeck Roof Boards feature a noncombustible core and inorganic surface that offer greater fire protection than other At Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply, we not only provide excellent customer service, more in-stock products than you could ever ask for and a free contractor referral service, we also assist with roofing equipment rentals! And we stock all your main tools too! LENGTH: 48" boards. 5- and 6-inches off the surface of the roof. Lakefront Supply is a trustworthy roofing contractor committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. Tack Free Time: 2-3 hours. Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply understands how important it is to pay attention to the details. E. 00. Typical Coverage: 8-10 sq ft. Western Ave. The slight variations in color, the Lakefront Supply is your premier roofer in Chicago. At Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply, we always want to make life as easy as possible for our customers with our roofing Dec 9, 2022 ยท Tim Bock, CEO of Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply, and Chris Spicer, CCO Board President, believe in a business model that uses the profits of their company to support a mission. As low as $6. $1,412. It should also be used before resurfacing weathered asphalt and granular surfaced modified bitumen roofs. Lakefront Sheet Metal Galvanized 18ga Sheet 4'x10'Proponents of galvanized steel, who may use it to construct or repair steel structures, for example, benefit from lower maintenance and repair costs because of its special properties. 25". For more options see "Related Products" below or use "Search. We also have Rolloff Seamless Aluminum and Copper Gutters and a Seamless Gutter Truck RAINDROP EC55 End Cap Interchangable Right/Left Black 1pc. GacoFlex SeamSeal makes the process of sealing seams, fasteners, and roof details faster and easier. Waukegan, IL 60087-4209. More. As such, gutter aprons are intended to direct water away from potential problem areas of the house, down to the roof edges, and into the gutters. 032ga Clay / Hickory 1 ftAvoid costly repairs due to flooding or improper drainage. Our roofing contractors know exactly what information they need and accurately provide it to them. By having the ability to cut gutters to the exact size that you need, you avoid unnecessary seams that can lead to issues down the line. RAINDROP RF75 Gutter Guard for 5"-6" gutters 3 feet Black. Chicago, IL 60618; follow us; Deks DF108G Dektite Original Pipe Flashing for Metal Roofs 7"-13" Grey 5 pieces. In 2017, Williams Lakefront expanded once again opening a new division, Williams Lakefront Supply, a full service dock supplier providing wholesale dock floats and accessories to dock Lake Front Supply (773) 252-1812. 50. It also has a high resistance to humidity, so it can be used with confidence in just about any environment. 95. Nova Flex Metal Roof Sealant Caulk 10oz Colonial Red MR0182. Works Well with: Stucco Manufactured Stone Fiber Cement Thin Stone Masonry Product Specs: Width: 39 in. Pickup hours are 8AM to 4PM Monday to Friday and 8AM to noon on Saturday. The Wave Panel System is designed for solid deck application to provide clean lines on new construction or retrofit. Any variation from this stock list (size, shape, color, metal) is a Custom Flashing order. In 2015, Williams Lakefront acquired the assets of Elf Boat Docks, allowing the company to expand and the ability to fabricate our own dock frames in-house. Only HardieTrim Flat and Corner Tabs can be used with HardieTrim boards to create a concealed fastening. $402. PCS/SQ: 50 Shingles/sq. #315 Asphalt Primer's improved drying time allows contact lakefront supply With more than 30 years of experience and top industry certifications, Lakefront Supply is a top choice for referrals for commercial roof maintenance services in Illinois. Buy 200 for $24. 45. Our all-copper, 16oz. It adds an aged appeal to interiors and exteriors alike. or give us a call at 773-509-0400. For any general inquiries, email General Manager, Tim Bock, at. Aluminum sheet coated on both sides with a paint system that is specifically formulated for residential exterior applications. Standing seam orders will automatically include an $80 labor fee. Its ease of application, superior adhesion, elasticity, and durability make 502MS Karna-Flex an ideal repair sealant. Buy 16 for $337. Hours of Operation. 33 sq ft Golden HarvestThe Timberline American Harvest shingles feature proprietary GAF StainGuard Plus and LayerLock technologies across its range of distinct color blends. Monday through Friday: 6:30 am – 4:00 pm . Cortex fasteners are compatible with TimberTech full-profile boards only. 2328 N Green Bay Rd. We have a fully functioning ecommerce st ore stocked with thousands of roofing and siding materials. Of course the proprietary screw integrated in the Hang fast undergoes vigorous testing. EternaPrime is also an excellent primer for use with self-adhered modified bitumen Huber 7118200 AdvanTech Sub Floor Adhesive Starter Kit. Panels are distinct enough to create an impactful, signature wood look that is as beautiful up close as it is far away. You can call us at (773) 509-0400 or visit our online store and place your order. We’ve got something in the works but we want to make sure we get it just right before we make it available. $319. For inquiries regarding specific products requests, ordering supplies in advance to be picked up at will call, setting up on-site crane delivery times or Nichiha EPF451F VintageBrick AWP1818 3/4" Alexandria Buff 2ct. Seamless gutter delivery with 5 and 6 runoff machines in the same truck including matching accessories. The pickup location is: 3465 N Kimball Ave. (773) 509-0400. $814. HE015SJT2232. 7 ¼ Cedarmill and 4×10 panels. Buy 50 for $25. 73. Lucas 315 Asphalt Primer 5 GallonLucas #315 Asphalt Primer is a fast drying asphalt primer intended for use on concrete, masonry, wood decks and parapet walls prior to application of asphalt built up or modified bitumen roofing systems. $33. Cor-A-Vent Stainless Staple Raft-A-Vent is a 22 1/2 inch eave vent designed to fit between the rafters, on top of the blocking, providing soffit ventilation for open-rafter construction. Roofing Equipment. Yet it provides far tougher, more durable weather and tear resistance. Lucas 6600 Universal; NPC 900 Solar Seal 10oz; NPC 900 Solar Seal 19oz; NPC 700 Co Poly; OSI Quad In-Stock; OSI Quad Custom Gaco GacoFlex SF4200 SeamSeal Solvent Free Silicone Sealant 5 GallonBenefitsTRANSFORM EXISTING SURFACES. 36"x12' Ashwood 1pc Steadfast Color Designed to retain color, proven in third-party testing. VELUX VCS 2234 2004 Skylight Solar Curb Mount Fresh Air Low E 22 1/2"x34 1/2". As low as $119. When properly diluted, a single 1-gallon bottle yields 4 gallons of cleaner to clean approximately 1,000 square feet of surface area. With its advanced clip system and built-in rainscreen, it is approved for soffit & angled wall installation. GAF Liberty SBS Self-Adhering Cap Sheet White 100 sq ftKey Benefits:Granule-surfaced roofing membrane providing durable protection for residential low-slope areas. Deks DFE104B Dektite Premium Pipe Flashing for Metal Roofs 3"-7" Black 10 pieces. Chicago Roofers and Roofing Contractors. We Know The Good Guys is a free roofing, siding and sheet metal contractor referral service offered by Chicago’s Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply. A safe, non-toxic, bleach-free, and biodegradable formula. The Vintage Brick Series is timeless elegance with a distressed vintage finish. $0. US Aluminum Shur Flo Gutter Protection 6' & 10'. The box gutter, which can be made of galvanized or any Kynar® color, slips behind the hanger and drops into place. Kynar 500® coated Galvalume, 4’ x 10’, 24 ga, many colors from McElroy, Metal Sales , Petersen, Fabral and Carlisle. *Lakefront Standing Seam can be custom-made to any required length. Out of stock. $36. SKU. As low as $69. This product is a general-purpose compound that is used most frequently within the window and door industry as glazing or structural back-bedding. It complements the strength of Raytec Hangfast hidden hangers. We started as a small roofing company ourselves. Can’t Wait? Please stop by our showroom at 3465 N. For an example of usage, see the below video (jump to 2:10 for portion focused on Ultimate Clips). Exposure: 180 days. There is the option to pick up at “Will Call” to avoid lines or you can choose our job-site delivery option. Item # JEL778 Compatible with all panels except SandStone and VintageBrick (for clip compatible with the latter, see item # JEL788 - SOLD SEPARATELY) DamBuster Roof Deicer 4lb Brick Dambuster Deicer product features: effective for both flat roofs and shingled roofs with low to medium slope each 4 pound brick is small, easy to handle and simple to install place bricks just prior to freezing and inclement weather Packaging: 20 oz. Your order must be picked up within 3 business days With 10 sq. 019 24"x50'. Tim and Chris, through Lakefront, have lived their ideals as a mission business by being major financial supporter of CCO since our beginnings in 1989. At Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply, we always want to make life as easy as possible for our customers. (43 in. Be the first to review this product. All of our pre-painted metals are Kynar-500 coated 24-gauge steel. Buy 100 for $24. At only one inch thick, Raft-A-Vent will virtually disappear under the eave and is designed to run continuously in every rafter bay to provide Benjamin Obdyke Slicker MAX 2SQSlicker MAX rainscreen (formerly Home Slicker Stone & Stucco) includes a filter fabric, providing enhanced UV and compression resistance. A gutter apron serves the same purpose as a drip edge. Additionally, it provides roofing accessories, such as vents, breathers, clamps, deck mates and pipe boots. GAF Timberline 0461354 American Harvest Roof Shingles 33. If you need alumni-flash and retrofit flashing systems, pipe boots, deckmate flashings for metal roof and wall systems, pre-molded corners and vents and breathers, we’ve got them! If you don’t see what you’re looking for here or in our roofing supply ecommerce store, just let us know GAF TimberTex 0840900 Ridge Cap Shingles 20 linear ft Weathered WoodFeatures & Benefits: DRAMATIC LOOKExtra-thick, double-layer design with large 8" (203 mm) exposure is up to 195% thicker than typical cut-up 3-tab strip shingles for a distinctive, upscale look. TimberTech CTX100SFWT Cortex Screws For AZEK Weathered Teak 100 sq ft. Hardie Trim. The Traditional corner look that emulates hand-fitted board functions at the corners of siding plank walls. sausage/12 per carton. Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply Lakefront Supply, Chicago, Illinois. Saturday: 6:30 am – 12:00 pm Business Profile for Lakefront Roofing & Siding Supply. 43. The sheets have been continuously hot-dip coated with a protective layer of zinc and can be formed without peeling or flaking. One of our trucks will pull up Gaco Flex S4200 Silicone Roof Coating 5 Gallon White. 25 each and save 5%. Please check in next to the warehouse at the door marked Will Call. . 25. With a steadfast dedication to fairness and backed by a solid 5-year weld guarantee, we stand proudly behind every trailer we sell. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 02 per square foot per year. Lakefront Supply is a mission business that offers quality products and services to roofing and siding contractors in Chicago since 1985. COPPER. Fiberon Phantom Universal Hidden Deck Fastener 900ct Bucket. With more than 20 years of experience in the roofing sector, Lakefront Supply has experience repairing the most common materials found in commercial roofing We maintain on-site supervisors during our projects and complete all We work with your insurance company to help your roof repair claim be processed as quickly and easily as possible. 75"-2. 79. Order these custom gutters for your home or business for local delivery or pickup. Deks RF801G Dektite Retrofit Original Pipe Flashing for Metal Roofs 0. If you are looking for a textured appearance without visible fasteners, the Wave wall panel makes an excellent selection. More Information. Watch on. Great for gutter repair, flashing, and ductwork. Stock flashings are made in our own shop in Chicago 10′ lengths from 24 gauge galvanized steel, and in several prefinish colors as listed in the table below. Lakefront Supply is an independent roofing, siding and construction supply dedicated to serving, edu We are a roofing and siding company in Chicago, IL, offering top-quality siding materials in Chicago. 86 each and save 4%. 25" Grey 10 pieces. The company offers services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. OFFICE PHONE. A gutter apron tucks under the shingles of a roof and over the seam that connects the gutter to the roof. Warranty: The warranty will be honored only through the manufacturer, James Hardie. The roof membrane is installed and welded directly to the hanger Lakefront Sheet Metal Downspout Round 12 Sided Kynar 6"x10' Regal WhiteGreat for any climate. StarWrap Superior doesn't need to be covered for up to 90 days (it has a Lakefront Sheet Metal Galvanized 26ga Sheet 4'x10' Proponents of galvanized steel, who may use it to construct or repair steel structures, for example, benefit from lower maintenance and repair costs because of its special properties. Within TimberTech AZEK: Cortex is available in all 6 Vintage Collection colors as well as Slate Gray and Brownstone from the Harvest Collection (see "Related Products" for some of the options or use KARNAK 502MS Karna-Flex is an elastomeric, thermoplastic-rubber sealant formulated for use on properly prepared metal, concrete, EPDM, TPO, and most PVC membrane as well as spray polyurethane foam and plywood roof substrates. Bare Galvalume flat sheet, 4’ x 10’, 24 ga. Cure Time: 20-40 mils = 6 hours. R. HER is a tough, seamless elastomeric roofing membrane that has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. The Resisto LB1236 Ice & Water Eave Protector is a self-adhesive roofing membrane composed of fiberglass fleece reinforcement and SBS-modified bitumen. $449. Square Elbows, 70°: 2×3, 3×4, 4×5. Such orders are typically filled within 24 hours. Lakefront offers Roof to Wall in galvanized or 24ga Kynar 500 in the colors Dark Bronze, Matte Black, Regal White, and Tudor Brown. Contact Information. Shipping and return policy . Place one HydroCorner in each sill corner, and then cover with a piece of self-adhered flashing for a quick and easy-to-install sill treatment. 419 likes · 11 talking about this · 256 were here. How To Install Staggered Edge Panel HardieShingle® Siding. We use our expertise to The Wave Panel can be installed horizontally to satisfy any project. Lakefront Sheet Metal Gutter Apron 3" Face Kynar Dark Bronze. From high-quality roofing materials and siding supply to gutters and custom sheet metal products, we’re your one-stop-shop for anything and everything in between. Four-Sided Protection Extremely resistant to moisture intrusion as there are no wood or mineral fillers in the cap. Please see below for some of the major siding products we have in-stock. 920 W Wilson Ave Chicago, IL 60640 Hours (773) 252-1812 . It is designed to be used as eave protection that guards against leakage caused by wind-driven rain or ice-ups. Lakefront Sheet Metal Gutter Apron 3" Face Copper. 50 As low as $9. Cured Thickness: 20-40 mils. Kimball Ave. Four sizes accommodate ½- to 5-Inch diameter pipes, tubes and conduit. Only 118 left. The Fiberon Hidden Deck Fastener makes fastening economical, fast, and easy. Slicker HP is the first all-in-one moisture At Lakefront Trailer Sales, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products; we prioritize providing exceptional customer care, going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Square Downspouts: 2×3, 3×4, 4×5. CMPSS42W. Quality Edge Trim Coil . Step 1: Attach HardieTrim Flat Tabs to the back side of the trim using four (4) 18 ga. 29. Attic ventilation - helps to reduce attic moisture and heat. For over 20 years, our preferred Chicago roofing contractors have been helping families by fixing their damaged roofs. Add to Cart. Readily available in the color of aluminum gray. Qty. Mold Guard Technology The best protection offered in a capped composite board, thanks to the 4-sided cap. ft. FEATURES. Along the way Elmdor Stoneman Roof Hatch. All are made from heavy duty EPDM which allows for expansion and contraction. There really are as many ways to install S-400 Strip Vent as there are eave construction details. WATERPROOF TimberTech LCGV5412AW PRO Legacy Composite Deck Board Grooved 5. (6mm) Length: 61. Pieces over 12' require a manual delivery quote with our local fleet or hotshots. 5 ft Coverage: 200 sq. 05 per square foot per year. Repair and warranty service documentation at $. $355. DOUBLE-LAYER PROTECTIONAt the high-stress areas of your roof (the hips and ridges). 3465 N Kimball Ave. Compared to more traditional copper-coated granules, StainGuard Plus time-release technology delivers long-lasting algae fighting power thanks to its specially The UU240F heavy-duty miter saw stand features a durable steel construction and can accept up to a 12" sliding miter saw. Lakefront Sheet Metal Gutter Blank 6"x10'. Compound Technology: STPU. BASF MasterSeal NP1 Caulk 10oz (Limestone) MasterSeal NP1 sealant is a one-component, high-performance, non-priming, gun-grade, elastomeric polyurethane. As low as $828. EASILY APPLIED IN A SINGLE APPLICATION. Your credit card payment will only been authorized- please bring ID and payment with you. StarWrap Superior Synthetic Felt Underlayment 4'x250' 10sq Cool Gray: Unique gray high-traction top layer reduces heat and provides a cooler working surface. At-a-glance. 10. It wasn’t long before we realized we could make an impact in the Chicago roofing community by transforming into a roofing and siding supplier and treating roofers from any size Site content © 2024. Bare Galvalume M-Cor Corrugated, 3’ x 10’, 26 ga. $10. 1 Review. 35 each and save 3%. 33 sq ftParts needed for a complete roofing system; Ridge cap shingles - the finishing touch that helps defend against leaks at the hips and ridges. For your convenience, product warranty information is attached below; please click the link to view the current Cor-A-Vent Stainless Staple Raft-A-Vent (Black, 48ct) is a 22 1/2 inch eave vent designed to fit between the rafters, on top of the blocking, providing soffit ventilation for open-rafter construction. zn lx tp ei sq zy ed va vt bo